September 14, 2019

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For over a decade, the Redgate Ranch has hosted a music fest to benefit Save the Waves, an international coastal and surf break conservation organization. More than 700 people attend and many camp out. This event is open to the public. To learn more or buy tickets, click the learn more button below.


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DiY Camping


There is plenty of space for camping on the ranch, both remote and in a group. Click here to print out map of campsites. If you plan to camp, bring tents, sleeping bags, flashlight etc. There is an ADULT campground up about a 1/4 mile up the road. NOTE: As the event grows, campground space is a little tight. And given that there are some small people screamers and some big people revelers waking up all the decent, clean-livin’ folk, we have separated the campgrounds. So, all folks with kids under the age of 8, please camp closer to the festival site down by the creek (there will be a sign saying FAMILY CAMPGROUND). Please remove your car to the upper area above all the busy campgrounds and don’t park it next to your tent for the night. (Vehicles bogue on the wilderness experience and take up flat ground for others.)  There’s an outdoor toilet out at the main campsite, so a tiny semblance of civilization (loo with a view) and this year there will also be a Porta-Pottie there as well. 

For intrepid souls, there will be more remote spaces further past the family campground heading north along the creek and further up towards the ridge. We recommend these for the revelers. However, please respect the locked gate and don’t drive beyond that. Hiking is fine. The cattle are held back there during the fest and fire hazard is also very high, so we don’t want hot cars parking in long grass. Thank you.

There are also several lovely campsites above the turnoff road to the main campsite (keep going up the steep hill towards the ridge). There is a really gorgeous and huge flat area just below the ridge on the left.

Although there is no power at any of the campground, there is room for RV parking on a flat section above the main campsite. We recommend that you come early enough to pitch your tent in the light and then drive or walk back down to the party. Intoxicated tent-pitching has led to some odd late-night pairings and amusing morning-after heckling

Please note, if you have small children we strongly recommend that you stick to the family campsite and don’t go remote. Mountain lions are in the area. They will not come near a busy place, and there have been no human attacks coastside, but we’d rather your progeny not be the first. If you do see a mountain lion, DO NOT RUN. Tell your kids to stand still, cluster together and make a huge amount of noise. Mountain lions are scared off easily. 



We have a very excellent alternative for those of you who want to camp, but don’t really want to camp. You can book a tent through Shelter Co. The tents are $750 plus delivery for 1-3 nights. Tell them you are booking for the Redgate Music Fest.



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